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Positive wind discipline pressure responsibility, joint strict management and development

The Group's Commission for Discipline Inspection held the first meeting of Maoming Port Group's Coordination Group on Party Conduct, clean Government Construction and anti-corruption work in 2022 and the third quarter clean Government talk meeting


On July 25, the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Maoming Port Group organized and held the first meeting of the Coordination Group on Party Conduct and anti-corruption construction and the third quarter of the meeting in 2022。Chen Jun, member of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Inspector of the Group attended the meeting and made a speech. CAI Guangzhang, member of the Party Committee and chief engineer of the Group, Zhu Guangyu, Vice president of the Group, attended the meeting. Feng Yiyi, deputy secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and director of the Discipline Inspection Office of the Group, presided over the meeting。Nearly 30 members of the Group's discipline Inspection Commission, the main persons in charge of each department and subordinate enterprise, and the discipline inspection and supervision liaison representative attended the meeting。

会上,The Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office of the Group conveyed and studied the Implementation Rules of the Meeting and Consultation Mechanism of Clean Government Work recently issued by the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Group and the Implementation Opinions on the special Accountability work of Party Conduct and clean Government Construction and anti-corruption work.,The first half of 2022 and the second half of the work plan of the construction of clean government and anti-corruption work of the group were also briefed。

The meeting required that all departments and offices of the organs and subordinate enterprises should consolidate the main responsibility of anti-corruption and form an ideological consensus:一是We should take the "three transformations" as the guide, clarify the functions of discipline inspection and supervision, adhere to the work principle of "supervision after supervision" of discipline inspection and supervision bodies, strengthen political supervision and accountability, and promote in-depth development of the reform of the discipline inspection and supervision system of state-owned enterprises.二是We should give full play to our functions, centering on the "1+4+1+N" work layout proposed by the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Group, and implementing the anti-corruption work of the group according to the actual work;三是To be in accordance with the law as the guidelines, strengthen the management and implementation of the system, standardize the work process;四是Publicity and education should be strengthened to create a working atmosphere in which people dare not, cannot and do not want to be corrupted。

Chen Jun stressed that each department and office of the organ and each subordinate enterprise should improve the political position, implement the work requirements of the construction of the party style and clean government of the group, closely follow the main line of clean government, earnestly fulfill the laws and regulations, the Party anti-corruption responsibilities entrusted by the Party committee of the group, and implement the political responsibility of strict governance of enterprises。First, adhere to the "three guidelines"。Adhere to goal orientation,Implement the reform of the discipline inspection and supervision system of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision on State-owned enterprises,确保机构更健全、制度更完善、震慑更有力、监督更精准、目标更明确;坚持问题导向,Identify high risk points of clean government, unclear job responsibilities and other power points,细化工作举措、狠抓工作落实、力促工作实效;坚持目的导向,We will build a team of officials who are accustomed to strict management, willing to supervise each other, and willing to take on responsibilities。Second, we will implement the four principles。It is necessary to ensure that discipline inspection commissioners of each branch are equipped with work and cooperate with and support discipline inspection and supervision liaison officers,解决本单位(部门)党廉反腐的具体工作问题;要落实解决突出问题,Timely establishment of clean government risk points and preventive measures,Evaluate the position risk level,从源头堵塞廉政风险漏洞;要落实坚持严的主基调不动摇,从严从实加强对领导干部的监督管理;要落实汇报沟通制度,Create a good working atmosphere。Third, correct the "five deviations"。We should have a deep understanding of the five behavioral problems of not performing their duties, not assuming their responsibilities, not being loyal, not being strict, and not being in awe of them, strengthen education and management of cadres, and guide them to change their style of work, assume their responsibilities, and perform well。Fourth, achieve "one goal"。To enterprise development, team stability, safety of cadres as the ultimate goal to carry out the construction of a clean government and anti-corruption work。

At the meeting, members of the coordination group made statements on Party integrity and anti-corruption work in the first half of the year。The representatives said that through this talk, they have strengthened their understanding of the construction of clean government in the group's discipline inspection and supervision institutions, strengthened their awareness of clear discipline and abiding by the rules, and strengthened their confidence and determination to "be a wise man in politics, a sober man in discipline and a real man in style"。At the meeting, the representatives of discipline inspection and supervision liaison officers also shared their work experience around the three typical cases of the Guidance Series Cases of Discipline and Law Enforcement。(Li Wenjing)

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