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Maoming Port Group Co., LTD. June 2022Recruitment notice


Maoming Port Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Group") is a city-owned state-owned enterprise. As the main financing platform for the construction of Binhai New Area and the main body of port construction and operation, Maoming Port Group shoulders the important task of building Maoming to the sea。In order to further promote the optimal allocation of human resources of the Group, according to the needs of business development, staff recruitment is open to the public. The relevant information is announced as follows:

First, the target of recruitment

The specific recruitment positions, recruitment numbers and requirements are shown in Table 1。

Two, the basic examination requirements

(1) The applicant shall meet the following basic requirements:

1.Having the nationality of the People's Republic of China;

2.Uphold the Party's line, principles and policies and abide by the Constitution and laws;

3.Have good conduct and professional ethics;

4.Having the physical condition to perform duties normally and the professional knowledge and ability to meet the requirements of the post;

5.Having the required educational, academic and professional qualifications for the post;

6.Having other qualifications required for the post (see Schedule 1 for details);

7.Other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations。

(2) The following persons shall not be employed:

1.Persons who have received criminal punishment for crimes or been dismissed from public office;

2.Persons suspected of violating laws and disciplines who are under investigation by relevant authorities and have yet to reach a conclusion;

3.Non-fresh graduates who are studying full-time in ordinary colleges and universities, active servicemen and other persons who are not allowed to apply for employment according to laws and regulations;

4.Persons who are listed as the subject of joint punishment for trust-breaking according to law;

5.Persons identified as having seriously violated the employment discipline in the recruitment of civil servants at various levels, institutions or state-owned enterprises;

6.Applicants are not allowed to apply for positions where their relatives should be avoided。

Iii. Recruitment process

This recruitment carries out competitive selection and assessment, according to the registration, qualification preliminary examination, written examination, interview, qualification review, physical examination, investigation, publicity, employment and other procedures。

Iv. Registration procedures

(1) Registration time

From the date of publication to June 19, 2022。

(2) Registration method

Please send the application materials (including the Recruitment Application Form of Maoming Port Group Co., LTD.), photo of your photo, certificate of education, graduation certificate, degree certificate, professional qualification certificate, vocational qualification certificate, work experience certificate and other relevant information and certificates of the position to cmmport@163.com, please indicate "Job title + name" in the subject line of the email。

(3) Preliminary examination of qualification

After the registration, the group will review the submitted materials and select the candidates according to their qualifications, work experience, educational background and performance to determine the list of candidates for the written test。

(4) Other matters

1.Applicants must use the resident ID card of the second generation within the valid period. Applicants can only choose one post to apply for. If they apply for more than one post, the group will adjust it according to the actual situation;

2.Applicants must apply for the exam in good faith。Those who provide false application materials will be disqualified as soon as they are verified。对伪造、变造有关证件、材料、信息,骗取考试资格的,将按有关规定予以处理;涉嫌犯罪的,移送司法机关处理;已聘用的,解除劳动合同,集团收回已支付的相关薪酬,不支付任何经济补偿金;

3.Qualification examination throughout the whole process of recruitment work, no matter in any link found inconsistent with the recruitment position conditions, will be disqualified。

5. Examination arrangement

The exam consists of a written test and an interview。

(1) Written examination

1.The time and place of written examination shall be notified separately;

2.Candidates should take a closed book examination according to the post written test, mainly test candidates professional knowledge of the post;

3.The full score of the written test is 100 points, the qualified score is 60 points, and the score of the written test is calculated as 30% of the total score。

(2) Interview

1.According to the written test scores high and low order, according to the position of the number of prospective employees 1:3 ratio to determine the interview candidates。The underproportion shall be determined by the actual number of people;

2.The name list, time and place of interviewees will be announced later.

3.The interview is organized and implemented in a structured way. It mainly tests the quality and ability of the interviewees in terms of their communication response, language expression, image and temperament, and focuses on the professionalism and job matching degree of the interviewees.

4.The full score of the interview is 100 points, and the qualified score is 60 points. 70% of the interview score will be counted into the total score。If the total score of the same position is the same, the ranking will be determined according to the order of the written test score。

(3) On-site qualification review

The total score of the exam will be ranked from highest to lowest, which will be published on the group's official website. The number of candidates will be determined according to the ratio of the number of prospective employees to 1:1。Candidates who have been shortlisted need to undergo qualification review. Candidates should bring the original valid documents that can reflect the qualification conditions of the recruitment post to the designated place within the specified time for qualification review。Relevant certification materials include: ID card, graduation certificate, degree certificate and work experience certificate。The original and one copy of the above-mentioned documents shall be submitted. The original shall be returned after examination, and the copy shall be kept for future reference。

For applicants who apply for the examination with their overseas academic qualifications, the original and photocopy of the certification letter of their overseas academic qualifications or degrees issued by the China Service Center for Overseas Study of the Ministry of Education or related explanatory materials issued by Chinese institutions stationed abroad shall be submitted。

Vi. Physical Examination

Candidates who have passed the qualification review are required to undergo a medical examination。Physical examination items shall be carried out according to the recruitment standards of civil servants。Those who fail to pass the physical examination or give up the physical examination shall, upon approval of the research, make up the same amount in turn according to the total score of the examination。Candidates should attend the physical examination on time, otherwise it will be considered as a waiver of qualification。The time and place of physical examination will be announced separately。

Vii. Investigation

The group formed an inspection working group to investigate the candidates who entered the proposed employment scope。The main contents of the investigation include the identity of the applicant, the qualification conditions, and their political thought, moral cultivation, ability and quality, study and work performance, law-abiding, honesty and self-discipline, social relations, credit investigation and whether there is a situation of avoidance of examination。

Viii. Publicity and Employment

The proposed employees will be publicized on the Group's official website and the publicity period will be 5 working days。If there is any objection during the period of publicity, it shall be investigated and handled in accordance with relevant provisions and a conclusion shall be drawn。After the expiration of the publicity period, if there is no problem or the problem reflected does not affect the employment, the employment procedures shall be handled according to the regulations of the group。If the problem of reflection affects the employment and is verified, it shall not be employed。The list of candidates to be employed will not be filled up after publication。

Ix. Salary and Treatment

According to the group staff compensation and welfare standards (system)。

10. Work place

Maonan District, Maoming City, Guangdong Province, Bohe Xingang District and Shuidong Gang District, Maoming Port。


(I) Candidates should carefully read this announcement and the attachments during the application period, timely understand the information published on the group's official website, and keep the contact information smooth and effective. If relevant information is missed due to personal reasons and affects the employment of the examination, the applicant shall assume responsibility。

(II) The Human Resources Department of the Group shall be responsible for the interpretation of this announcement and matters not mentioned herein。

Contact: Miss Huang

Contact number: 0668-3385519

Contact email: cmmport@163.com

Official website of Maoming Port Group Co., LTD: http://uhd.rawfoods-livingfoods.com/


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