Inherit folk custom "reed" love Dragon Boat Festival

Maoming Port Group and Maoming Unicom joined hands to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival


On June 1, Maoming Port Group and Maoming Branch of China Unicom joined hands to make zongzi to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival。巴黎人直营注册党委书记、董事长王志华,集团党委委员、副总裁、工会主席杨超灿;中国联通茂名分公司总经理李清永,联通茂名分公司工会副主席蔡丽霞及相关人员出席活动。

The zongzi competition is divided into groups through cross-matching。In the skilled "veteran" for the scene demonstration, each group of players have started to fight。只见组员之间分工合作、相互配合,折粽叶、装糯米、放馅料、裹扎绳……大家纷纷拿出自己的“拿手绝活”。The 30 minutes of the competition was filled with laughter, each player skillfully flips, a different shape of the dumplings instantaneously formed。At last, the conference judges selected each group of zongzi according to the evaluation criteria of "speed, quality, beauty and health"。

This activity, also interspersed with the Dragon Boat Festival knowledge answer and you match my guess interactive games, both sides of the young workers actively participated in the scene atmosphere active, laughter constantly。

The fellowship activity of making zongzi allows everyone to feel the folk culture charm of traditional Chinese festivals in the collective activities. While enhancing national confidence and cultural confidence, and actively participating in cultural relay and inheritance, it also builds a good communication platform for young employees and enhances the communication and friendship between young employees in the units。(Chen Libing)

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