Maoming Port Group cares for Maoming special education school children


On May 30, the labor union, Youth League Committee and female Vocational Committee of the Group jointly organized young volunteers to offer love and sympathy activities to special education schools in Maoming City on the eve of Children's Day。

Under the guidance of the special school teachers, the sympathy group visited the special school's painting room, traditional Chinese painting room, net flower making room, beading room and other functional rooms, to understand the children's study and life in detail, carefully browse the children's exquisite works display, and watched the children's wonderful performances。Everyone was moved by the pure and brilliant smiles and the spirit of self-improvement of the special school children, and praised their brave attitude towards life。The group also sent condolence goods and festival wishes to the children, making them feel the warmth and care of the big social family。

It is reported that every year around the "61" Children's Day, the group has actively carried out related family care difficult help action, for them to send the warmth of the party。In the next stage of work, the Group will continue to practice the concept of public welfare, constantly improve the pertinence and effectiveness of care and care for children, and fulfill the social responsibility and responsibility of the state-owned enterprise with practical actions。(Chen Libing)

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