The environmental impact assessment of the 300,000-ton crude oil terminal project in Bohe New Port Area of Maoming Port has been published for the first time


According to the Law of the People's Republic of China on Environmental Impact Assessment and Measures for Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment (Decree No. 4 of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment),The environmental impact of the 300,000-ton crude oil terminal project in Bohe New Port area of Maoming Port will be publicized,If the public has any comments, they can contact the environmental impact assessment unit, the construction unit or the ecological environment department。

•1 Project overview

The 300,000-ton crude oil terminal project of Bohe New Port Area of Maoming Port is located in the planned 300,000-ton crude oil berth of the liquid bulk cargo operation area inside the east breakwater of Bohe New Port Area of Maoming Port。The main construction contents of the project are: to build a 300,000-ton crude oil terminal and its supporting facilities。Among them, the terminal adopts butterfly layout, with a total length of 404m, consisting of 1 working platform, 2 docking piers and 6 mooring piers, with an annual designed passing capacity of 16.5 million tons。The dock is connected to the rear tank farm by pipeline。

The total investment of the project is 176,684.550,000 yuan, construction period of 20 months。

•2 Name and contact information of the construction unit

Construction unit: Maoming Petrochemical Bohe Port Terminal Co., LTD

Contact: Yue Xiaogong

Contact: 0668-3385680


Address: Room 209, 2nd Floor, Bohe Xingang Planning Exhibition Center, Lingjiao Village, Diancheng Town, Dianbai District, Maoming City

•3 Name of the organization that prepared the environmental impact statement

Evaluation unit: Beijing Zhongjiao Safety Environment Detection Technology Research Institute Co., LTD

Contact person: Gao Fengxiang

Landline: 010-64218065

Contact phone number: 18513059457


Mailing address: Room 412, Anyuan Building, Qingniangou Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing。

•4 Web links to public comment forms

The main matters for the project to solicit public opinions are whether the project construction is reasonable and whether the environmental impact degree is acceptable, etc. The public opinions are listed in the attachment of the announcement。

•5 Ways and means of submitting the public comment form

Within 10 working days from the date of this announcement, the public can download the public opinion form through the above network link, and submit the completed public opinion form to the construction unit of the proposed project by letter, fax, E-mail or other means, or communicate by telephone。Members of the public who submit the submission form are requested to indicate the date of filling in the form, their real name and valid contact information, so that they can provide timely feedback to the public if necessary。

附件1:Public comment form

Maoming Petrochemical Bohe Port Terminal Co. LTD
September 22, 2021

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