Maoming Port Center seize construction golden period

"White and black" pouring "good and fast" quality project


       ■ Reporter Huang Yuehua correspondent Gao Shiqi
  After 20 hours of continuous pouring construction, Maoming Port Center B and C area of the second floor beam slab concrete has been successfully poured recently。
  The casting of beam and slab must be carried out continuously to ensure quality。Due to the wide range of construction operations, long time series,Project Management Department of Maoming Harbor Center organized participating units to make full disclosure of the construction,Before the operation of each pre-process review,Requirements of quality and quantity to complete each construction process,并强调了夜间作业安全措施、轮班换班要求;提前与混凝土供应商进行沟通联系,I have prepared enough materials,Ensure continuity of pouring work on site。
  According to the person in charge of the port affairs center of Maoming Port, the project progress was delayed due to the rain weather recently。In the next stage of work, the project management Department of Maoming Port Center will strictly implement the work deployment of the Party Committee of the Group, closely focus on the "14th Five-Year Plan" development goals of the Group, scientifically coordinate the construction plan, seize the current golden period of construction, and strive to promote the project with high quality and help the construction of smart Maoming Port with a sense of urgency。
  It is reported that the Maoming Port Center project is located in the central area of Bohe Bay New Town, with a planned area of about 85 mu. It is planned to build a 23-story main administrative office building, two 5-story auxiliary buildings, corresponding outdoor square and basement, with functions of administrative office, smart port and information management。The total investment of the project is about 5.500 million yuan, which is invested, constructed and operated by Maoming Port Group Co., LTD。The project is a landmark building in Binhai New Area,It will effectively enhance the overall image of Bohe Bay New City,We will further improve the supporting service capacity of Bohe New Port Area and Lingang Industrial Zone,Promote the development of port services,Attract enterprises to land,It has the linkage development effect of promoting upstream and downstream industrial agglomeration and external radiation,It has good social and economic benefits。
  At present, the project has completed the underground works and transferred to the above-ground construction stage. The accumulated output value of 66 million yuan has been completed, which is 16% of the total cost of the first phase of the total project。

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