Wang Chuang to Maoming Port Group thematic research stressed

Adhere to the principle of the Party's management of personnel and vigorously implement the strategy of strengthening enterprises through personnel


       ■ Reporter Huang Yuehua Correspondent Pang Tingyin
       Recently, Wang Chuang, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Municipal Committee and Minister of Organization Department, went to Maoming Port Group for special research on talent work, inspected the construction of Maoming Port on site, and had discussions and exchanges with relevant personnel of Binhai New Area Administrative Committee, Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and Maoming Port Group。

       王创要求,巴黎人直营注册要深入学习贯彻习近平总书记关于人才工作的重要论述,聚焦主责主业,探索人才强企的发展之路,为茂名经济社会高质量发展作出应有贡献。First, we will adhere to the principle that the Party oversees personnel and vigorously implement the strategy of strengthening enterprises through personnel。We must uphold the leadership of the Party,Ensure the correct direction of state-owned enterprises,Implement the Party's leadership into a modern corporate governance system,形成党组织与公司治理结构职责明确、有机融合、运转协调的新型领导体制和运行机制;要牢固树立人才是第一资源理念,We will strive to build a multi-tiered and all-dimensional talent system,We will establish and improve a mechanism for attracting, selecting, educating, employing, managing and serving talents,Building a team of high-quality personnel。Second, focus on the main responsibility and occupation, scientific formulation of talent development plans。We should focus on the new development stage and new needs of enterprises,制定人才发展总体规划;要聚焦发展主业中的人才需求,Combined with Maoming Port Group "14 - five" development plan of the five industry development needs,做好专业性人才的引进、培养和使用管理规划;要发挥好国有企业人才培养平台作用,Actively cultivate and transport cadres and talents for the economic and social development of Maoming。Third, deepen reform and innovation to provide high-quality personnel services for the development of enterprises。All functional departments should continue to emancipate their minds, transform their functions, improve the personnel management mechanism of enterprises, and solve the bottleneck problem that restricts the work of talents。It is necessary to effectively implement the autonomy of employing people in enterprises, provide all-round services for the work of talents in enterprises, provide guidance for the standardized management of enterprises, and ensure the proper implementation of "delegating control and service"。

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