Maoming Port Group set up the temporary Party branch on the project site

Strengthen the Party building leading joint efforts to build a benchmark project

      ■ Reporter Du Yansheng Correspondent Wu Chao
  On the morning before the report, Maoming Port Group led the awarding ceremony of the temporary Party branch of the East Oil Terminal Project of Bohe New Port District。
  Maoming Port Bohe New Port Area East oil terminal project is one of the key projects of Maoming city, the total investment is about 10.2.6 billion yuan, jointly invested by China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation Limited and Maoming Port Group Co., LTD., construction began in January 2020。The project includes a 100,000 ton refined oil terminal, 4,384 meters of public pipe gallery and supporting facilities。Upon completion, the project will achieve a handling capacity of 8.9 million tons per year, meeting the berthing needs of oil tankers of 30,000 to 100,000 tons, which will greatly improve the ability of refined oil products to go into the sea and lay a solid foundation for Maoming to participate in the "Belt and Road" construction。
  目前,The project management department of East Oil Terminal in Bohe New Port District of Maoming Port has 45 staff members,6 party members,The construction and supervision company has a total of 57 staff,6 party members,In order to enable all Party members of the project department to live a good life in the Party organization,We will better carry out Party organizational work,Give full play to the role of Party branches as fighting fortresses and vanguard and exemplary role of party members,Drive all project department staff to be pioneering and excellent,To ensure that the project is completed on schedule with quality and quantity,We hereby establish a temporary Party branch in the oil terminal project Department。
  Where is the project, where is the branch, and where is the vanguard role played。Maoming Port Group strengthens the leading role of Party construction in project construction,We will deepen the integration of Party building work and project construction,The standardization of Party construction is the starting point,Strengthen the management of party members on the project front,The temporary party branch is built on the project site,Through "three meetings and one lesson", theme Party day, vanguard activities and other forms,Let Party members lead a colorful organizational life,同时,Close integration with engineering business work,Let party members in the construction site bright identity, tree image, solve problems, as an example,Give full play to the role of party branches as fighting fortresses,Let the "Party flag fly on the construction site",Gather strong force and boost morale,Actively promote the political advantage of Party building in project construction。To build a high quality, safe, efficient, clean project, to build the demonstration project of Party construction。

  At present, Maoming Port Group has established a total of 2 temporary Party branches. The Temporary Party branch of the Group's key project, West Guangdong LNG land Reclamation project, was established on May 25, 2018. Up to now, the project construction has been basically completed and is entering the final stage。In the process of project construction, all Party members of the project Department took the lead in following the example, taking the initiative, taking the lead in performing their duties, taking the lead in overcoming difficulties, taking the lead in striving for excellence, and ensuring the safe promotion of the project with quality and quantity。

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