Group profile

Maoming Port Group Co., Ltd. is a wholly state-owned limited liability company established in August 2012 by Maoming Municipal Party Committee and Municipal government in order to implement the development strategy of "building deep water port, revitalizing modern industry and building Binhai New City", integrate port resources and promote the development of Binhai.The registered capital of 7.6 billion yuan stands firm and rises to the shore of the South China Sea with the power of thunder。

As the main force of infrastructure financing construction in Maoming Binhai New Area。Since its establishment,The group insists on project construction as the center,Constantly innovating financing models,The financing and construction work of the East and West breakwater project of Bohe New Port Area in Maoming Port, Bohe Bay Avenue, Bohe Bay Bridge, Bohe Bay New Town land development, Western Guangdong LNG reclamation, Binhai New Area water supply project, sewage pipe network and other projects have been completed,To facilitate the smooth opening of the Bohe New Port Area at Maoming Port on March 22, 2019,To realize the dream of eight million Maoming people for a hundred years,Set off the climax of Binhai New Area development and construction。

As the main body of construction and operation of Maoming Port Bohe New Port area。In the past ten years, while giving full play to the role of Maoming Binhai New Area as a financing platform, the group has actively planned its own industries by centering on the development strategy of Maoming to the sea. Combining the location of Maoming Port and the advantages of Maoming's petrochemical industry, the group has established a differentiated development path with the petrochemical warehousing industry as the pillar。At present, Maoming Port is making every effort to promote the construction of East oil products Terminal, East Chemical Terminal, Marine public management Gallery, chemical storage area, Maoming Port Center, 300,000-ton crude oil terminal and other key projects in Maoming Port, striving to create a new energy channel in the South China Sea。

Starting from the difficult environment of "no assets, no cash flow and no business", we struggled but never stopped, and finally made a new world in the muddy mudflats。目前,The group's total assets exceed 10 billion yuan,Holding or participating in 30 enterprises,Enterprise main credit rating AA,It has trained a group of professional talents in port construction and operation, enterprise financing, petrochemical industry and so on, which are in line with modern enterprise management,It has been awarded the titles of "Advanced Collective of Guangdong Province", "Civilized Unit of Guangdong Province", "Model Unit of Chinese Enterprise Culture Construction" and "Demonstration Base of Enterprise Culture Construction of Guangdong Province",It is known as the benchmark and model of state-owned enterprises in Maoming City。